Dustin + Courtney


A boho farm wedding.

A pig roast for a wedding might not be very traditional but Dustin and Courtney pulled it off! Held at the Buxton National Site and Historic Museum in Windsor, their wedding was a truly unique and memorable experience. A very DIY and bohemian wedding with handmade décor, they put together everything from the flowers to the little piggy centre pieces. You can see the love and care they put into everything they touch. The one modern element was Courtney’s designer boho dress, imported from Europe. This one of a kind cut out dress was breathtaking!

There’s not much I can say in regards to photographing this wedding, it was a breeze! The rustic location provided a perfect backdrop. Dustin and Courtney’s playful and relaxed attitude allowed me to photograph them in a very candid, documentary manner, letting their awesome personalities shine in each photograph. I even managed to shoot a roll of film on my vintage Mamiya 645. Shooting with traditional medium formate film is how I got started with my photography passion, so I jump at the chance to bring this artistic craft to my wedding work. Nothing can compare to the raw quality and texture of a black and white enlargement hand made in the darkroom.