Pin-Up & Boudoir Photos

All beauty deserves a platform, no matter what age, size or shape. I just love everything to do with boudoir pin-ups, pin-up culture and the vintage aesthetic that goes hand in hand with this unique style of photography. So if you hire us for a boudoir session, you are sure to get a little of that old Hollywood glam and a vintage twist to your photographs.

Bridal and Bachelorette Parties

A boudoir bachelorette party is a unique idea and a great way for the bride and her bridesmaids to skip the stripper tradition and instead embrace their femininity together. Usually the bride will have a full one hour photography session with two wardrobe changes and each bridesmaid will get a mini 20 minute shoot. A group shot is always included we suggest bringing a themed outfit for this one. Bring your own music, food and drinks of choice. We often shoot during the day so you can hit the town afterwards. Hair, makeup and wardrobe styling can be included so you will all be looking your best for this memorable night out.

Private sexy boudoir or playful pin-up photography sessions for brides, maternity or everyday women always make a great gift for the husband or yourself. Our mission is to allow your awesome personality to show in every photograph. A great gift for either the wedding night or your 40th anniversary. Our private shoots can be customized to your unique style and taste (be that more vampy or coquette) ensuring your inner beauty shines right through into every frame.

Pin Up Photo Shoot Event

Sarah also works with the Pin-Up Experience team, holding mini pin-up photo-shoots every 2/3 months. These shoots are discounted and usually have a fun sessional theme. If you would like more information on the Pin-Up Experience shoots, e-mail us or join our mailing list.